About Us

Brad and Alex
Our home
Holidays with cousins
Brad with his parents
Our backyard
Alex, her sisters Mariel and Juliana, their mom, and a friend
Brad with friends
Alex with her dad and sister Caroline
Brad with his mom and her dog Decker

Surrounded by support

We have been together since we met in Brooklyn, New York, in 2014. We got married in 2019. We live in Alex’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia, 10 minutes away from her parents and two of her sisters. Two families with kids live on our very small block, and they cannot wait to meet their newest neighbor.

Touched by adoption already

Alex’s family was built through adoption. Two of Alex’s sisters were adopted, and so was her uncle. These adoptions resulted in our beautiful, multiracial family. So we are already very grateful to know firsthand how strong a family built by adoption can be. And we are committed to speaking openly and frequently about adoption and honoring the choice that you made for your child.

Building solidarity and love

We each care deeply about being kind and gentle with each other and with our communities. Our family aims to be anti-racist, LGBTQ-friendly, and accepting of others. As parents, we will model standing up for oneself and asking for help. And we will model listening to and supporting others when they ask for help.

Having fun and exploring

We love being outdoors! Whether it is spending time in the mountains, playing at the beach, or wandering through the woods near our house – being outside feels great. And the elementary school across the street has several playgrounds and a basketball court. And we love relaxing at home – whether watching Star Trek, reading a good book, or just curling up with our cat. We look forward to finding out what activities our child will enjoy!

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